The Jungle Radio

The Jungle Radio

Have you ever been on a trip to the forest? If yes, were you able to hear those sounds of chirping birds, buzzing insects, and croaking frogs? We can hear these sounds even on rainy days if you have any garden at home. The same happens to a little girl named Gul who hears some strange sounds coming from her radio. She follows those sounds and enters into a Jungle.

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There she finds 30 different birds from a beautiful parakeet to sharp-nosed sunbirds, jungle babbler to peewits which are also called lapwings. Everyone making their own distinctive sounds, especially the brainfever bird, whose uttering sounds are more like talking. What attracts you to read this book is the cover, yes the vibrant illustrations on the cover page and throughout the book are a visual delight for readers of any age group. You will also get exposed to many new birds and their sounds.

If your kid is a bird lover then you cannot afford this wonderful book. Read this for them or let them read on their own, we are sure they will love it. A book with pretty visuals and a lot to learn. Isn’t that a great combination? Thanks to Devangana Dash for an amazing visual treat and exceptional learning. No wonder if kids go through this book and the images regularly.

There’s also a helpful appendix in the book that contains tips for birdwatchers, a guide about the birds mentioned in the book, a list of major bird sanctuaries in India and also a list of websites where you can hear bird sounds.

Suitable for: 6 – 9.
Author Name: Devangana Dash.
Publication: Puffin Books.

Buy it from: Amazon/Flipkart.

Once you are done reading this do let us know how do you like the book. We would love to know your experience.

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