Listen: Children’s Book Review

Listen: Children’s Book Review

A good storyteller knows how to tell complex stories in simple words.

This is exactly what I felt after reading Listen by Tatsuya Fushimi and Britney Vu.

Empowering, beautiful, and meaningful. Also very relevant for today’s time when the world is full of unnecessary noise.

We all have both positive and negative voices within us. The positive and negative voices in our minds battle daily. Listen is a beautifully illustrated children’s picture book about distinguishing the positive and negative voices in the mind from the voice in the heart.

It tells us not to forget the voice of our hearts in the crossfire. As the voice in our hearts leads us towards joy and fulfillment, although it may not always make sense to our rational minds.

This book helps children to understand their inner voices in a simple way. It also encourages them to have the courage to let their hearts lead. This book is a great foundation for a child’s personal development and positive messaging.

Loved it and I think it’s a must-read for kids to help them develop positive thinking and self-belief.

Language is simple to read and illustrations are gorgeous. I especially loved the cover page design.

This one would also make a wonderful gif to kids for any occasion.

Reading level-wise, this would be perfect for kids below 7, but messaging-wise, it’s suitable for kids of any age group.

In case you are looking for a read-aloud version of this book, it’s available on YouTube by The StoryTime Family here.

You can find a copy of the book on Amazon here or you may check out your local library. 

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