I Want To Ride The Tap Tap – Children’s Book Review

I Want To Ride The Tap Tap – Children’s Book Review

A joyful ride, something that we thoroughly enjoyed with a smile on our face. 

We loved  “I Want To Ride The Tap, Tap” by Danielle Joseph and we absolutely adored the gorgeous illustrations by Olivier Ganthier

It’s a cute story that revolves around a curious little kid who wants to ride on the Tap Tap, and about the fascinating characters he meets on his way. In case you are like, who doesn’t know much about tap tap, here is a quick piece of info for you. Tap taps are bright painted buses or pick-up trucks with metal covers that serve as share taxis in Haiti. If you are looking for fantasy books for kids, this is the perfect one.

Claude a little boy in the book wants to ride the Tap Tap. He has been asking for it for many days now. Finally his wish gets fulfilled on the weekend and he gets to enjoy the ride with his father and mother. Claude is excited and very, very happy. He Has many interesting observations about people and traditions in his environment. 

Read this cute little book to know about Claude’s observations and the Haitian culture in general. 

It’s a story that celebrates different culture and lifestyle. It beautifully highlights the joy of simple things in life, how at times we connect and bond with each other over sweet little things.

The outstanding work of Olivier Ganthier is a must to talk about here. Through his compelling illustration, Olivier Ganthier. has made this storybook much more exciting and appealing for little readers.

The story is a lively portrayal of the everyday life of a child. After reading the story and watching those colorful pictures, we felt like riding a tap tap :).

Do give this book a try. It will be a wonderful read for kids below 6 years. And in fact it can be a good read for little elder kids too who would like to know more about a different mode of transportation other than car, bus etc. 

My son didn’t know about tap tap earlier and we ended up googling so much about taps taps and Haiti.

This fantasy books for kids is available for purchase here and you can listen to its read-aloud version here. 

And in case, your little one would like to doodle some cars or vehicles, you may check this tutorial or this. There are a lot more designs available at our creative corner

Read every day, doodle every day. And keep the boredom away.

Cheers, Kiddingly!

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