Ideas to Help You Raise a Reader: Amanda Rowe

Ideas to Help You Raise a Reader: Amanda Rowe

When one of your favorite authors decides to do a guest post for you and that too on a topic that’s so close to your heart, what would you do? Jump out of joy? Do a happy dance? We’re definitely doing these and more as we present to you the guest post for this month by the very talented international writer Amanda Rowe :). We recently read her book “If There Never Was A You“, and we absolutely fell in love with it. It’s one of the sweetest books we read this year. You can read more about it here.

In this post, Amanda shares some ideas to help us raise a reader. Read on and do let us know if you find her suggestions helpful. If you liked reading it, would be really helpful if you can share it with others too :).

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Ideas to Help You Raise a Reader: Amanda Rowe

Like many parents, I want to instill a love of reading in my children. It is especially challenging to divert their attention from screens to the page. Here are some strategies that I have found useful – I hope they help you, too!

  1. Personalize the reading experience.

Each child has unique interests and gifts. Take the time to think about your child’s favorite things and activities and try to obtain books about these topics. You can find books about nearly anything – rock collecting, soccer, butterflies, airplanes – and you can check out many of them for free at your local library. This will enable you to grow your child’s passion for reading and other subjects at the same time.

2. Make it interactive.

Instead of just reading a book, make it an immersive experience for your child. Are you reading about playgrounds? Take a field trip to the park. Are you reading about a birthday party? Bake a cake. Are you reading about bunnies? Make a bunny craft. There are so many fun ways to make books come alive and create family memories while you get your child excited about reading.

3. Bring on the drama.

Drama is generally to be avoided in life, but not when it comes to reading! To make things interesting, you can use different voices for different characters, dress up like the narrator, or create a set and act out the book as if it is a play. Better yet, let your child become one of the characters in the book. Teach your child that one of the best things about reading is using their imagination to immerse themselves in new worlds and watch their creativity – and their enthusiasm – soar!

Thanks a lot Amanda Rowe for your time.

Read every day, doodle every day.

And keep the boredom away 🙂



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