Made for Me

Made for Me

Made for Me is a cute story with no scary scenes, adventures, and magic. This is a simple board book with colorful illustrations and clear text. The pages with black font against white backgrounds and wonderful illustrations will catch the readers eyes. This is a short rhyming tale that begins with an oversized man who comes to welcome his newborn son at the hospital.

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Right from the first moment, he saw his little baby, his world is changed completely. He kept enjoying every moment from those lovely cuddlings to changings, tickling to feeding, bathing to comforting his little boy, everything kept him happy.

Every day the first thing he does after waking up is looking for his little one and later he keeps playing, teaching, and enjoying with him. Till the end, the father keeps on saying that the boy was made just for him. What a heartwarming book! Will there be anything beautiful for a father than looking at his child grow. Nothing right? This picture book is nothing but a celebration of a father’s love for his newborn child.

This amazing book with adorable illustrations by Eunice Moyle is a beautiful representation of the bond between a father and his child which will give immense pleasure to the reader. Read this with your children. If your child is also of the same age as the boy in the book you will definitely feel every moment in the book. Or, if you are a parent of a grownup then you can recollect all those memories of your child when he was too young. This will surely remain your favorite forever.

Suitable for: 0 – 3.
Author Name: Sabrina Moyle.
Publication: Familius.

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