One Lonely Tiger

One Lonely Tiger

Do you know that our national animal count is reducing day by day? Not many of us know the facts about the life of other species living on earth. This interesting book by Benita Sen is an eye-opener for every one of us. She has cleverly narrated, the importance of different things like friendship, deforestation and also teaches counting to kids through a heart-touching tale. The story is about a tiger who lives alone in the jungle and wishes to have friends. But he does not have one.

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When he gets bored, he tries to chase his own shadow. Very soon he realizes the need for playmates and goes in search to find one. He finds some jackals but couldn’t bear their howling. He jumps into a babbler clan and attempts to frighten them. Finally, he gets along with a friendly elephant and an owl. The owl advises him to hop, he quickly learns to hop. One day, he realizes that lumberjacks are cutting trees of the forest that he is living in. He was upset and left the forest. After some days when he looked at the forest, there’s nothing remained. He cries, cries and cries for his home. Now, what did the tiger do falls the remaining story? Amidst all the beautiful stories we have read for children so far, this is one of those must-reads for them to understand the importance of forests and environment when they are young. Thoughtful narration by Benita Sen, colorful and touching illustrations by Sekhar Mukherjee will definitely make the reader give a thought about the extinction and loss of different habitats like tigers.

Suitable for: 6 – 9.
Author Name: Benita Sen.
Publication: Puffin.

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