One Rainy Day

One Rainy Day

Kids make paper boats, birds sing, and grownups enjoy hot tea. You got us right, the above all means the start of the monsoon season. It’s time to get your kids to get hooked with books. They will surely say yes if the book you are suggesting to them is complimenting their current monsoon mood. Because is there a kid who doesn’t get excited about monsoon rains? No one, right? Well, this book is about a Hedgehogs adventure on a rainy day which eventually turns into a storm.

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Exciting isn’t it? Read this adventurous story to your kids. This is the story of a Little Hedgehog who is also extremely excited about rain like our kids. He wakes up to the sounds of raindrops and also monsoon ready with a stylish new raincoat, hat, boots, and a shiny new umbrella. He starts walking in the rain with everything new.

Suddenly the rain shower he is enjoying turns out to be a storm and the little Hedgehogs day becomes an adventure. His friends were caught in the storm. He tries to save his friends and others too. His brand new umbrella and raincoat helps him in a most unexpected way. Was he able to save his friends? Did they all find something to stay dry? Read this adventurous story of the little hedgehog. A nice story about monsoon, friendship, and help.

Christina Butler narrates “One Rainy Day” extremely well without allowing the reader to lose interest. The illustrations by famous illustrator Tina Macnaughton blends perfectly with the story. Enjoy the little hedgehog’s adventurous ride on a rainy day.

Suitable for: 3 – 6.
Author Name: M. Christina Butler.
Publication: Good Books.

Buy it from: Amazon/Flipkart.

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