The Seashore Book

The Seashore Book

The bond between mother and son is always something beyond anyone could imagine. This is the story of a little boy and his mother who imagine a trip to the seashore. The way they talk about a wonderful day at the ocean shows their level of imagination as if they are really there. The story is just amazing and the illustrations are vibrant and perfect for bedtime.

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So this story starts with the boy asking his mother what is a seashore? In response to her son, the mother suggests pretending to leave their mountain house and make a visit to the seashore. The mother explains her son a day at the seashore who has never been there before. Both of them explore the sand, waves and also look for birds and shellfish. They eat lunch on a big rock and walk home along the wharf.

The little boy who’s thrilled with his mammas’ explanation feels like he has been to the beach really and says that he can now visit the beach with his dear mother in his mind any time he would like. The entire description of the beach and other elements in the story are very realistic and engaging.

Suitable for: 6 – 9.
Author Name: Charlotte Zolotow.
Publication: Charlesbridge.

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