The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling

Get ready to chuckle, wipe your tears, giggle a little and learn a lot. Yes, this heart touching story of a duckling is nothing less than an amazing classic by Hans Christian Andersen. The story starts with a mother duck waiting for her biggest egg to hatch and complaining about her lazy husband who never comes to see her. An older duck advises her to leave the egg assuming it to be a turkey egg.

But in the end, the big egg cracks, and a little one tumbles out. He looks big and gawky. Very soon the mother duck gets convinced that he was her very own duckling. She watches him in the water, his little feet paddling away beneath him. And she says:

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“Look at those legs go! He knows how to keep upright. He is my own chick! And really quite pretty if you look closely,” she said.

As the days passed, the other ducklings started to pick their own brother, and everyone else in the farmyard joined them. They started to poke and make fun of him. The ugly duckling began to feel unhappy. He was the knock of every joke and the mother duck used to stand up for him. But the mother duck had that confidence that the little one is strong enough to look after himself.

Finally, things get worst which makes him run away. Here starts the real adventure. The remaining story is about all the adventures the ugly duckling had to face. At first sight everyone he met started running away from him, or ignore him, and this confirms him how ugly he must be.

At the end of the story, something perfect happens. This is one of those heartwarming tales and definitely a masterpiece. This will surely make the reader emotional. Beautifully illustrated by Jerry Piwith which will be loved by everyone. One of our favorite bedtime stories for children.

Suitable for: 6 – 9.
Author Name: Hans Christian Andersen.
Publication: HarperCollins.

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