The Whatifs – Children’s Book Review

The Whatifs – Children’s Book Review

What if my dog runs away? What if I forget my homework? What if the sun stops shining? What if my crayon breaks? What if……

Written by Emily Kilgore and illustrated by Zoe Persico, The Whatifs is one of the best books on overcoming fear and anxiety in kids . In fact, I think it’s a wonderful read for adults too. I wish I had read a book like this when I was young. What we especially liked was the fact that this book doesn’t negate anxiety or worry. Rather it helps you change your thought process in a way that your doubts get replaced with positive thoughts.

Every phase of life has its ups and downs but if we speak of the last two years, a lot has changed across the globe. The world is no longer the same as it used to be years ago. The pandemic and the social distancing norms have impacted kids in ways more than we can imagine. Many are dealing with anxious thoughts and unanswered questions. 

During these unsettling times, if you are looking for best books on overcoming fear and anxiety in kids, this could be one of them. The story is about a little girl Cora who is doubtful and anxious about everything around her. Her head is filled with many WhatIfs throughout the day. 

From the moment the sun first peaks through her window in the morning to the time she pulls the warm cloth over her head at night, the Whatifs follow her. Sometimes her doubts are silly, sometimes small, sometimes big, and sometimes frightening. But every time, she is just curious to tackle with her whatifs. 

When Cora’s piano recital was just weeks away, the whatifs started pestering her every day so much so that the weight of the whatif became unbearable by the day her piano recital finally came. Will she be able to combat the whatifs and perform the best during piano recital? Read this wonderful storybook to find out.

If your kids love to listen to the read-aloud version of the story, you may listen to it here here.

The illustrations of the book are gorgeous and the language is easy to read. Reading level wise, it’s best suited for 4-7 years age group but theme and story line wise, it’s recommended for all.

This picture book will help kids recognize and switch off the whatifs from their lives.

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