Writing Prompt – My Admission To Hogwarts

Writing Prompt – My Admission To Hogwarts

Get set for some magical writing fun with your kids using these Harry Potter-inspired Writing Prompt! What if you get admission in the greatest school of wizards and witchcraft, The Hogwarts. Ask this to your junior. You can see their eyes wide opened filled with lots of excitement. Not just kids anyone will be excited if we really get a chance to enter Hogwarts School of Wizards and Witchcrafts. Aren’t we?

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Let us know yours and your little one’s reaction if you get admission in Hogwarts through a short story. The free writing prompt below is a wonderful way to motivate and inspire your little one to think creatively. And you can also use these writing prompts to converse with your kids.

Once your story is ready, do send it to us. We would love to share it with our young readers.

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