Biscuit in the Garden

Biscuit in the Garden

Talking biscuit! Whaaattt….. a talking biscuit? Yes, this is the story of a Biscuit and a little girl who spend time in a garden. Biscuit is so cute, he gets into the birdseed and makes a mess in the garden but still, he looks so adorable. The reader will be surprised throughout the narration as the Biscuit explores flowers, bugs, and birds in the garden.

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While biscuit is out in the garden he finds a butterfly, worm, and a bird. The little girl finds out birdseed that is tasty, this clearly shows her that there are more birds visiting the garden. As the garden starts to produce lots of veggies and fruits, the next step of them is to invite the neighbors to their garden.

This book would be a great choice to incorporate learning about flowers, gardens, and bugs to kids. Readers can apply the information they have learned in this in real life. This is one of those amazing books among the I Can Read! series.

There’s no too much text in the entire book it is full of simple, repetitive text that is perfect for beginning and reluctant readers. The illustrations are bright and delightful.

Suitable for: 3 – 6.
Author Name: Alyssa Satin Capucilli.
Publication: HarperCollins.

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