Brand New Baby

Brand New Baby

Welcoming a new baby to home? This book is for those kids and parents who are expecting a new member in their family. There are two siblings Edward and Wendy who gets wondered looking at their mom grow bigger day by day. They will come to know that there’s a new member arriving at their home.

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And the new member is now inside their mother’s stomach. Both of them name the new sibling as Walter. Edward and Wendy get introduced to their new sibling at the hospital. They come home with the newborn and here starts the new equation in the family. Obviously, parents, attention is more towards the newborn.

Dad starts ironing the baby clothes and also does lots of babysitting activities. Their dad is fully involved in his parenting activities. Bob Graham had narrated the fatherhood extremely well in this book. The concepts and behaviors of the kids in this book seem too advanced for some kids. But if parents can help them in reading and understanding it they will enjoy it for sure.

We just love the way this story is narrated to the readers through the perspective of two toddlers. Brand New Baby is all about how usually kids see their mammas pregnancy and the arrival of their new sibling. We guess the author many kids think in the same way like how the kids are thinking in this story.

Suitable for: 3 – 6.
Author Name: Bob Graham.
Publication: Walker Books Ltd.

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