The Most Magnificent Thing

The Most Magnificent Thing

Everyone will definitely have one thing in common. Wondering what it is? A name. Yes, a name. But there is a girl who doesn’t have a name for herself. Whaaaaat! Yes, this story is about a cute little girl who doesn’t have a name and her best friend who is a dog. She has an extremely strong attitude of not giving up. Her ambition is to build something magnificent. She starts building something with the help of her little dog.

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The girl starts building one thing after the other, but she isn’t happy with any of her new inventions. Her creations didn’t come out like how she imagined. An unhappy girl walks away from all of her projects. One day she takes her dog for a walk and at last, realizes that there’s something great about each and every one of them.

The Most Magnificent Thing is an amazing tale that portrays the attitude of kids these days. They are more serious, goal-oriented, and competitive. Actually, it’s not bad but it increases the stress level in them in such a young age. Children will enjoy the simple narration and illustrations by Ashley Spires. Especially the colorful illustrations on the black and white background are beautiful.

The author makes an amazing attempt at teaching children about the emotions that people feel when things are not done as to how they expect. And also sometimes it’s good to take a break and rework on things later. Every parent should read this for their children. A perfect character-building book for kids of any age group.

Suitable for: 6 – 9.
Author Name: Ashley Spires.
Publication: Kids Can Press.

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