My Papi Has a Motorcycle

My Papi Has a Motorcycle

Pappa, please take me for a ride. I want to come along with you to the store on your motorcycle. Which parent would not listen to these from their little ones? Probably no one. This is the story of a little young girl named Daisy Ramona who loves her daily motorcycle rides with her Papi around their Southern California town.

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Daily she sees similar faces and places that she always looked at and also observes that the community around her is changing rapidly. This book mainly narrates an afternoon between Daisy and her Papi. They rush around the city of Corona, California, looking at the places they know. That is a vibrant tour of tortillerías, churches, and markets, of la casa de Abuelita, the construction site where Papi works.

The details she talks about in each and every page will keep the reader hooked to the book. Zeke Pena’s illustrations increase the beauty of the book with some really vibrant graphics filled with love. The book will surely bring a smile on the readers face and one can also feel a warm hug from your parents and a loving tribute to hometown at the end.

Suitable for: 3 – 9.
Author Name: Isabel Quintero.
Publication: Kokila.

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