How to Doodle: Hot Chocolate Mug

How to Doodle: Hot Chocolate Mug

Hello December!

The month of holidays. The month of fun. The month of winters. And the month of hot chocolate with cinnamon 🙂 Here’s hot chocolate doodle for you.

We doodled this hot chocolate mug last weekend while sipping our hot chocolate on a cold winter afternoon here. And we thought to do a quick step by step easy doodle tutorial for our little readers.

Hope you enjoy doing this as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. Trust me, it’s fun to just recreate something from our day to day life and give it our cute little touch. While my chocolate mug had a smile, my son’s chocolate mug had a wink ;). We created the same design, but laughed at how different our mugs looked just by the change in expressions.

Kiddingly - DoodleTutorialForKids Kiddingly 1024x1024
Image Credit: Kanupriya Sindhu
Kiddingly - HotChocolateDoodle Kiddingly 1024x1024
Image Credit: Kanupriya Sindhu

We would love to see the designs done by your little artists. You can mail us the same at or post it on Instagram by tagging our page

And in case you would like to download the second image as a coloring sheet for your little artist, please feel free to do the same. We have more designs at our Creative Corner.

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Did you love our hot chocolate doodle? I’m sure everyone loves hot chocolate like us. So, enjoy doodling.

Read every day, doodle every day, and keep the boredom away.



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